We are Fine Wooden Creations - Fine Wooden Creations

Handmade wooden furniture

We create with passion
for people with passion

The desire to create something non-virtual, tangible, which can bring joy just from looking at it.

From the first thought about the new creation, the outlined project increases the curiosity of the final effect.

It ends so that we do not want to release it from the studio and put it on forever.


She is an inspiration in our projects.
The originator of the most interesting solutions.

Aga keeps my exuberant ideas in check ... otherwise, some projects would never have been completed.
Culinary climates in my projects it is her merit.


By chance, he found the chisel in his son's room.
This is the beginning of this adventure.

Thanks to craftsmanship education, patience and joy of creation, it is possible to build these unusual items.

We are Fine Wooden Creations

Hand-made wooden creations

Perfection is the key

Compositions of solid wood, live edge, naturally carved by the nature with the addition of metal, glass or resin, help to achieve the desired, but never unattainable ideal born from nature.

Sometimes it will take many hours of struggle with the wood to finish the goal at the end of the day.

Hand-made, they approach the perfect quality - you will find such furniture on this page.