Turquoise resin dining table with glowing inlay - Fine Wooden Creations
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March 29, 2018

Turquoise resin dining table with glowing inlay


    Dining table made of turquoise resin and walnut wood. Some natural cracks were filled with glowing turquoise/blue resin.

    Table got strong metal base powder painted in black color.

    Tabletop is 4,5 cm thick and finished with lacquer. It protects tabletop from liquids like alcohol/coffee and hot dishes.
    Some defects and cracks have been filled with resin in such a way as to give depth and add a three-dimensional effect. You can see the 'crater bottom', which glows in the dark.

    Most important features of dining resin table:

    • Base made of steel, powder painted

    • Semitransparent turquoise resin

    • Dimensions: table: 160cm x 80 cm x 74 cm

    • Table top made of walnut, 4,5 cm thick

    • Finished with two-component protective lacquer

    • Some cracks are filled with glowing in the dark turquoise and green pigment

    • Wood was dried outdoor and in a kiln

    • Used materials are eco-friendly

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