Round sliced live edge coffee table on hairpin style cooper legs - Fine Wooden Creations
Live edge river coffee table glowing in the dark with industrial brushed legs
January 28, 2017
Glowing live edge river coffee table “Dark & Green”
May 16, 2017

Round sliced live edge coffee table on hairpin style cooper legs

    Big round sliced ash coffee table with few interesting cracks and holes. Table is 90 cm x 15 cm thick and is based on three hairpin legs in cooper color. Glowing resin fill in are completing monolithic look of this huge piece of great wood.

    Sliced live edge coffee table glows in turquoise color and resin was poured in several layers. This allowed to obtain very interesting effect of glowing "zebra" which can be seen from sides of table.

    Table top was finished with tung oil which brings up color, structure and wood grain. Top is covered with lacquer.

    Most important features of round sliced live edge coffee table:

    • Hairpin steel legs in cooper color

    • Dimensions: 90 cm x 15 cm

    • Table top made of ash round sliced piece of wood, 15 cm thick

    • Finished with tung oil, protected with two-component protective lacquer

    • Used oil reduces natural wood darkening process

    • Cracks, knots and holes are filled with glowing in the dark turquoise

    • Wood was dried outdoor and in a kiln

    • Used materials are eco-friendly

    • Resin was poured in several layers mixed with pigment creating glowing 'zebra' effect

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