Live edge “Waterfall” coffee table – glowing in the dark
October 3, 2016
Live edge coffee table with turquoise stone in the table top
January 29, 2017

Live edge river coffee table „Blue Hole” – glowing in the dark with stainless steel legs


    Unique, modern live edge river coffee table with shiny & polished to mirror legs made of stainless steel.

    Table was inspired by natural Caribbean "sea holes" called "Blue Holes".

    Table build with european walnut wood and river glass.

    Natural cracks, holes and gaps in wood were filled with crystal clear resin mixed with special glowing turquoise photoluminescent pigment. Additional color was added to bring more blue, azure and other shades to the turquoise color.

    Pigment is glowing in the dark for about 10 hours with subtle turquoise color.

    Table top finishing is very important for long lasting tables I create. I use few tested natural oils with special method of applying lacquer on oiled table top. Oil makes wood color strong and clear with visible grain and structure while lacquer protects wood against different other damages like hot dishes, scratches, liquids (coffee, alcohol). Lacquer also prevents colors to fade.

    Most important features of live edge river coffee table "Blue Hole":

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