Live edge coffee table „Blue winter” - Fine Wooden Creations
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December 21, 2016
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May 17, 2017

Live edge coffee table „Blue winter”


    Table top made of one solid piece of walnut wood with many cracks and holes. Turquoise, bright glowing luminescence pigment fills he cracks. Turquoise glowing pigment shines in the evening showing all the filled cracks.

    Coffee table "Blue winter" made with polished stainless steel.

    Table top made of walnut wood , 5 cm thick finished with tung oil and protected with lacquer.

    Most important features of live edge coffee table "Blue winter":

    • Base made of stainless steel, polished to glossy mirror with attached stabilizing round stands

    • Dimensions: 132 cm x 58 cm x 50 cm

    • Table top made of walnut, 5 cm thick

    • Finished with tung oil, protected with two-component protective lacquer

    • Used oil reduces natural wood darkening process

    • Cracks, knots and holes are filled with glowing in the dark turquoise and green pigment

    • Wood was dried outdoor and in a kiln

    • Used materials are eco-friendly

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