Cheese / fruit board glowing in the dark - Fine Wooden Creations
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January 28, 2017
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June 15, 2017

Cheese / fruit board glowing in the dark

cheese board

    Cheese / fruit board made of 5 cm thick walnut wood.
    Contains glowing turquoise photoluminescent pigment.
    This cheese board contains metal handle for bananas or grapes or other snacks. handle can be hidden in the board.

    Board has ramekin for sauce or nuts.
    There is also a toothpicks hole.
    Cheese board is finished with oil and two - component lacquer which can be used in kitchen and food.
    Cheese board can be made per custom order.

    Most important cheese board features:

    • Cheese board made of walnut with great grain and color

    • Dimensions:30 cm x 39 cm

    • Cheese board thickness :5 cm

    • Wood was finished with oil and then covered with two-component lacquer

    • Glowing turquoise pigment with resin shines for about 10 hrs.

    • Toothpick hole

    • Ramekin/nuts place

    • Wood was dried outdoor and in a kiln

    • Used materials are eco-friendly

    • Special hole for hiding metal handle

    • Lacquer allowed to be used for kitchen furniture and sanitary ware