City bypass.

Escape from city. Turquoise bypass to get out of the town.

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Double waterfall

Coffee table introduces a resin river flowing from one leg through the table top and goes down on the other end via second leg.

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Green river and waterfall

Another way of having a cup of coffee... on a green river waterfall table!

Table with single transparent plexi leg.

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"Waterfall II"

Younger brother of small coffee table.

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Live edge river table with bench

Dining table with glass and glowing turquoise pigment.

Bench is glowing too.

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“Dark & Green”

Modern live edge river coffee table with glowing resin inlayed.

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Live edge river coffee table in a square form, blue glass matches turquoise table top fillings.
Walnut wood.

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Round sliced piece of table...

Made of ash coffee table.

Heavy, massive and stable top.
With 15 cm thick top and resin layers in 'zebra' style.
Supported by three steel hairpin cooper colored legs.

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Hit by thunderstorm

“Thunderstorm” is a table hit by thunderbolt and is frozen as glowing lighting in the table top.

A bit of blue, turquoise, and bolt...just like during a storm high in the sky.

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Shining with the stone

Real turquoise stone sunk in the glowing turquoise resin. Transparent, blue glass matches perfectly with table top fillings. Table made of walnut wood.

Live edge curves give feeling of a bit of nature closed in a shape of this table.

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Table. Different than all the other tables.

Unique, modern live edge river coffee table with shiny & polished to mirror legs made of stainless steel.
Table was inspired by natural Caribbean "sea holes" called "Blue Holes"

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“Dining today"

Live edge dining table glowing in the dark.
Powder painted black legs as a strong base.
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Serving board

Even simplest breakfast served on this board tastes much better!

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Dwie filiżanki kawy + ciacho.

W sam raz na dwa aromatyczne espresso i babciny sernik.

Niespotykany kształt, turkusowe rzeki przechodzące w wodospad, wieczorową porą stworzą subtelny świecący krajobraz.

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Our creations

We are Fine Wooden Creations

Handmade creations made with passion for people with passion.


It was hidden for many years. A sleeping desire to create something not-virtual, touchable, something what can bring us the happiness of seeing.

From very beginning, moment where idea of new creation is born and design - curiosity grows about the final effect.

It ends as always - I wouldn't like it to leave my workshop and wanted to stay with me...

Perfection is the key

Solid wood creations, live edge, naturally carved by nature with metal, glass or resin, help to achieve the desired but never unsurpassed ideal born of nature.

Sometimes it will take many hours of struggling with wood to reach the end of the day with success.

Manually created, they come close to perfect quality - such furniture you will find on this site.